Dan G Rite
         What the hell is going on with our country? The one group in this country willing and able to stand up for liberty gets banned from Facebook nationwide because the multi-billion dollar news corporations lie about us? They refuse to interview us, refuse to speak with us, they make accusations that are untrue, and why? Is it because we hate pedophiles? Yes I have a gun, that is a right I was born with when I came into being in America, written in the contract the government made with my creator that is guaranteed me at birth! You got a problem with that, move to Canada!

        We Are Bo0g@|0o now! We were patriots before, but we are Bo0g@|0o now. All 9.8 million of us coast to coast. We are not organized? We are not trained? Yes, we are trained, and informed, and starting today we are now organized! We refuse to be lied about in the media and in our government. We are not now, nor ever have been a threat to the Greatest Country on Earth! We are this country!

        Before this point We were not a group or organization. The Bo0g@|0o was an event, like Easter or Christmas. An event that we never intended on starting, but planned on being a decisive blow to ending quickly. The Bo0g@|0o is not Civil war 2, because in Civil War 1 the government won, if we go to war the Government loses. The Bo0g@|0o is not Revolutionary War 2 because we are not revolting to break away from, or start another country. We wish to return our country to the constitution and remove all Liberal Imperialism from our law. Overreaching government and corporations have turned our country into a terrorist nation, but we the people are not!

        We took our name from a blatant and disgusting example of corporate greed. When we were kids break dancing was cool, even in the suburbs and in the heartland. One movie came out we all loved, and to rake in the cash Breaking Two the Electric Bo0g@|0o was slammed down our throats. It sucked, it was a corporate rip off so bad that the entire breaking thing died. This is why we chose to call the event the Bo0g@|0o, Corporate rip offs will make it suck.

        We are the last ditch defenders of the America as our founding fathers meant it. We refuse to be run by the Corporations that exist by buying politicians and committing human rights violations around the world. When men like Kaeperneck actually come out and say they are standing against racism, we should raise our head. The problem is, he was raised in a white family with privilege. then we look deeper, and he is accepting money from Nike that actually owned human slaves to make their products. Now they use Chinese slaves in government death camps to make their products. Kaeperneck is making millions off slave labor while he spits out racist anti-white remarks, and he does it for money. He gets his pay check while families starve in America, white and black families living on the streets of our country while he gets paid by slave owners.

        We are done with two party politics, the system is broken. We are tired of the elites in Washington being judged under a different set of laws than we must follow. When one politician was asked why she had armed guards while she stood up for gun bans, she stated, “Those people need put in their place.” We are done with illegal agencies and bureaucracies running our country. Un-elected officials shall no longer make our laws. We no longer have a free democracy, and we the people want it back!

        We are not racist! We do not accept racism, or racists with in our ranks. Racism is the sign of unintelligent, it does not matter what color you are, if you feel the amount of skin pigment in your skin makes you better than someone else, you are truly lacking in the intelligence factor. Racism stems from ignorance, it don’t matter if you are John Lemmon, George Takie, or David Duke, We don’t care what race you think you are a part of, we don’t want any of your racist Bull Chit.

        We hate pedophiles. We don’t care who you sleep with, how you do it, but when you start messing with kids, you better hope that America doesn’t fall into civil war, you will be placed in a slow wood chipper. Other than that, same sex between two consenting adults is fine. Heck take pictures or videos, we don’t care.

        We stand with America, and our constitution, and the freedom for which it stands. We are not aligned with a political party. We stand against tyranny. We are not actively seeking a war, we are prepared for defense. We are the last line of defense for the Nation that was created under the constitution.



What we have in America is disturbing.
         American’s live in a country that is supposed to be free, yet over the last few decades more and more freedoms are taken by our government. Many American’s take this in stride, however some do not. Having had family involved in a system that went horribly wrong, I have a much broader vision of what we experience today.
        While I discussed how my uncle and grandmother came to America, you noticed I did not mention one key word that is used to describe Mussolini. The word fascism comes from the root word fasci, which is a bundle of sticks. The intention of fascism was to create a one party political system with complete control of the government and economy.
        Fascism gets its bad condemnations because Mussolini took his nation into a totalitarian control that had never been seen prior. The initial idea developed as his personal needs for power developed. The start was presented as a single party, democratic socialist republic. Mussolini believed that old theory of democracy, and passive Marxism were outdated in the modern century. He believed that the only way the world would survive is if all power was given to one political movement.
        The largest problems we have in America now is that as a whole we have developed and changed definitions of words that are used commonly in political arenas. Fascism, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Capitalism, and Democracy have all changed meanings through the decades. These shifts in definition of political terms helps groups disguise their intentions while demonizing their political opponents.
        It’s critical to look at Mussolini and Hitler realizing both leaders were entirely socialist, but separated themselves from their local socialist groups because they felt their socialist parties were passive. They set up entire socialist societies in their countries by convincing their people that they were trying something different.
        Here we are 80 years later, we have accepted these groups as anomalies, some have even placed them into the far right category of the political arena. The average person sees the Nazi party, or the Fascist party as right wing extremes. Historically however, these groups are extreme left wing. This isn’t a matter of opinion, and I will pose this argument as settled if you look at the core of the left.
        Leftists control 80% of the media. Leftists insist one a single party system demonizing political opposition. Leftists support socialism. Leftists support high amounts of government control. These are the basics of both Nazi and Fascist parties.


Free speech for you but not for me.
         The United States is the only country in the world that supports freedom of speech. The ability for all people with all views are important freedoms that all American’s have. Many on the left support laws that limit certain speech by creating a label for specific words people might say. The danger is that once such a bureaucracy is created, the interpretation or definition of what fits into the realm of banned speech. It takes more to create a law that limits speech in the U.S. then to alter said law to include anything the ruling class does not want said. A law against hate speech can be interpreted to include any speech.
        We do have some serious problems with news monopolies and their spread of propaganda, however limiting their ability to distribute news is as dangerous as implementing limits on speech. As a country we are systematically controlled by the media we are exposed to. We are controlled by that media, their opinions, and the information that they will allow us to be exposed too. It is for this fact that social media has taken the helm for exposing people to the news.
        The issue with regarding our news exposure on social media is that the major social media networks are owned and controlled by even more left wing people. Since these are privately owned, they regularly control the speech of people involved in their sites.
        We have allowed our news to be completely partisan corporations all about profits and political gain. Companies like Warner have spent decades taking over media sources around the world. Our biggest media companies paint America as an evil power in foreign countries while demonizing anti-socialist politicians in our own country. They refuse to report news on left wing politicians, and greatly exaggerate news about right wing politicians.
        The media in America supports a divide amongst Americans, pointing at and creating separation. Just as an example, a New York Times article was titled “The Obama Administration did not separate children from families”, yet while reading the article the fourth paragraph has a sentence that reads, “Though the previous administration separated children…” this article has later been used by liberal “fact check” websites to bolster the claim that Obama’s administration did not separate children, even though in the article it states they did.
        What the citizens in America are left with is political propaganda and the integrity of the news becomes mute. There will be outrageous allegations and cover-ups in an attempt to gain political support.


Political orientation verses economic orientation
     The biggest movement of socialism in America comes from lies. They lie about their intent, they lie about what socialism is, they lie about what they support, and they lie about the risks. Most are unwilling to argue, or even defend socialist ideas without directly bringing political or governmental theory into the argument. This inability to correctly distinguish between government and economics is another issue entirely.
       Carl Marx and a friend did some small experiments with a clothing factory. During this time they wrote some papers and Marx developed 3 types of economic theory. 1, Capitalism, which later academics have separated into different classes, but Marx defines as “Each individual collects raw materials and trades for other materials which he seeks”. 2, Socialism being an “elite few” own all raw material and dispense it as they see fit. 3, Communism where everyone owns everything equally and distributes resources as needed.
        Marx later describes how a society can in fact move from socialism into communism in a way of creating a utopian equality among people. He also performed many experiments with communism and regarded the idea as a failure because of the people involved. What his repeated experiments did show was that humans eventually realize that they make as much not working as they do working so they didn’t work as hard.
        During Marx life he witnessed firsthand how societies reached and lost both socialism and communism. It is important for us to realize that his ideal communism is what people did to survive after their country was ravaged by a war. Those same people marched right back into capitalism in order to better their lives through trade. His ideal socialism, as he describes, occurred in Northern Africa during the height of the Irish slave trade. That is right, he described a society under actual slavery.
        Socialists refuse to accept that the USSR, Pol Pot, Nazi, Fascist, North Korea, and even China were built around the idea of perfect socialism. A few had bought into Marx’s idea of surviving the transition into Communism, but they were all set up entirely socialist. What confuses socialists is that socialism is an economic theory not a governmental system. Monarchy, Democracy, Fascism, Dictatorship, and totalitarian are governments. Even with in each of these groups certain aspects or the others fit. Mussolini was a fascist, totalitarian, democratic, socialist, state. It is incomprehensible to the socialist that Nazis were a socialist movement that attacked the socialist party in their own country.
        Another large problem socialists have with reality is that in a completely capitalistic society, it is possible to have social benefits to help society as a whole, but these programs are not socialist in nature. Part of the responsibility of a government is to implement services conductive to the development of the people it serves. It is possible to have social services inside a free market capitalist economic structure, and this does not make the economy of that society socialist.
        A true socialist state would be in fact what Nazi Germany ran during world war two. The government controls all business and distribution. The biggest reason for the expansive war that Germany ran was to control all the resources needed to supply its people. Hitler wanted a direct control over all the resources so he could distribute them as he saw fit by race. People also fail to recognize that the Nuremburg Laws that the Nazi’s used to separate citizens from non-citizens were actual the U.S. Democrat Parties very own anti-black segregationist laws.
        Communism is in fact a currently unobtainable economic system where all the people own resources equally. If you farm, you would send every person an equal portion of your crop. True communism means everyone is equal, there are sub-classes of this ideal however as a large scale the possibility of success decreases with the population. Small groups can be successful however, in Marx’ experiments he found a small group in each study to figure out they need not work to get the same pay and all of his experiments fell apart.
        Marx found after years of research that the most successful business model was pay based on productivity, and he found that his textile plant produced more as he added incentives. He proved, despite his theory, that communism and socialism produce less and brake down sooner.
        Modern socialists also forget that governments come in different flavors. Democratically elected officials, appointed parliamentary rule, democratic parliamentary rule, dictatorship, authoritarian, monarchy, and a new one known as oligarchy. These terms deal with the actual government. Officially there are twenty of them, socialism is not one because it is an economic theory. You can have a democratic socialism as well as an authoritarian socialism.
        Many unintelligent prospects will say that the fascists of Italy could not be socialist because the government was controlled authoritarian. This is not true as the base founding principles of the fascist party were in fact a single party democratic government with a true socialism distributing goods. Mussolini in fact took socialism to its truest form by taking over corporations and running them by the government. Nazis later modeled their government after the Italian Fascist government adding race into the equation something that Mussolini apposed.


A Simplified America
        America is the great democratic experiment. The founding fathers used a combination of philosophy in an attempt to create a free and more perfect union. They embodied states and federal government with certain powers and established a lasting democracy. A true democracy would be mob rule, where the majority would always over power the minority, so they devised a representative democracy.
        We live in the situation known as a constitutional representative republic, which isn’t a true democracy. Over time this type of government has been defined as a democracy, though in reality it isn’t. This representative situation is bound by the constitution and was set in place to protect the minority, whereas democracy is in fact the outright rule of the majority over the minority.
        Additionally we have over the last few hundred year’s added unelected people to make and control laws. These are the bureaucrats. Excuse my downing of this system, but honestly bureaucratic groups were manufactured by our government because our congress is too lazy to do their job. Essentially they create a group, and then appoint an unelected official to oversee the group. This agency now has the power of our congress to make and enforce laws at their will.
        We currently have a two party political system, historically we have had many more, but today we are down to two. This limitation of idea over the last hundred years has limited the ideals of our nation. We have only the choice of the two parties to build the framework of our modern country. This idea has made a true split in policy both domestic and abroad. The communication between parties is virtually nil and getting worse all the time.
        Economically we have a debt based structure. The creation of the Federal Reserve removed the gold backed monetary system our nation’s creators established and placed the nation’s wealth into the hands of a private banking group. In order for our country to move forward we must borrow from this private company in order for them to print the money we spend. As we make more money, the debt increases.


A state of hyperinflation
        The US is a debt based economy. Any day we can see the national debt climbing, yet we push our government spending as the cause. The reality is the spending is only a symptom, and a serious look at American policy can actually fix this crisis. The problem is that the average American does not realize that their personal spending causes the debt to rise.
        At the time America went off the gold standard it created a private bank that controlled the money. This bank is called the Federal Reserve. Minimum wage was just being introduced, the country was in economic crisis, and the system was actually a good idea. Essentially it allowed Americans to work and pay for local products without the value of gold effecting inflation. The system allowed local sales to commit using the paper notes, and foreign sales paid back the loan while imports added to the debt.
        The way it was established is that if you bought a foreign built radio for 10.00 the same country would need to buy 10.00 of American product to produce a 0 balance of debt. It did not take long however for our nation to shift from buying local products to foreign products and the debt of the nation increased. At the core, the majority of our national debt is caused from the import of goods exceeding the export of goods.
        This is much like the state of Germany prior to World War Two. Though the two economic crises were caused by different reasons, the state of debt pressed them into horrible levels. Germany was on the gold standard, but after WW1 was forced to pay its gold in reparations. As the gold left the monetary system became unstable and created a state of hyperinflation.
        What happened is as the money lost its value, the value of products did not change. This caused the prices of items to rise. As the prices rose, people needed more money for food and rent so required more money in pay. As pay went up the cost of German exports went up and fewer exports left. The cost of food and rent went up as well since the cost to make products went up. As prices rose, people demanded higher pay.
        This went entirely out of control and the government was forced to print more money to deal with the expanded need for cash. People would literally go to work and demand their pay giving it to family to pay bills because the money wouldn’t have the same value when they finished their day.
        A relative of mine who worked in Germany explained to me that you would go to work and a loaf of bread and piece of cheese would cost 100.00. So you would agree to work for 200.00 that day, on the way home the price of that bread and cheese would be 500.00. You would then go to work for 1,000.00 the next day to get off work and find the price being 3,000.00.
        Here in America our exports have decreased due to labor costs. Entire industries have ceased to exist because of labor. We still need items like copper, but the labor utilized to mine it cost more in the US than what the metal is worth, so we import it. We not only are importing this material, but we also are not exporting it into the world market. This inequality is why the debt raises.
        As we move forward the physical wealth of our nation decreases as wages increase. Foreign items become more expensive as our debt rises and local items go up in price as cost of production increases. The higher the wages go the faster this increase happens, and as we are currently seeing in Washington state cost of living is raising at a rate of more than double the wage increase.


        Historically the U.S. and other governments utilized precious metals to validate the value of their currency. Until the 1960s for example U.S. coins were manufactured from .9 ounces of silver per 1.00 face value, thus adding the actual value of the silver into the currency.During WorldWar2 they even added silver to our nickels so that service men could spend them in Europe based on the silver content.
        Gold was even saved in banks before paper currency could be printed, and higher denominations of gold coins were minted. Five, ten, twenty dollar gold coins were circulated even in the U.S. and our entire monetary system was based on the value of precious metals. Copper pennies even ceased to be made in 1982 because the cost of the copper exceeded the price of 1 cent.
        None of these things would have happened if America had kept the gold standard. In fact, had we utilized the gold standard through modern times most if not all American industry would still exist. Trading debt has destroyed America’s standing in world economics.
        It is claimed in some circles that the reason behind the war with Iraq was not the oil or political strife, it was gold. Sadam Husain actually was in the works of reestablishing his countries gold standard. Such a stance would have made the countries of the world exchange actual gold for products instead of IOUs as we currently do.


        Mussolini had a great rise to power. He started as a journalist, a soldier, and eventually was delved into the writing of Marx. He started the Fascist Political party claiming that a modern world had no use for old political ideas. How he took control over the country is important, because he was not officially elected.
        Starting as a journalist he had great success in leaning the nation’s media toward his agenda. He felt that the socialist party in Italy was weak, and that its passive socialist was neither true to Marx visions nor could it sustain a modern country.
        As his party came about, they utilized a technique of dressing alike in order to announce their presence, a tactic Hitler later used. They arrived to parliament as a team, and voted as a team. They specifically caused and pushed the government in such a way that democracy couldn’t sustain.
        As the Fascist party gained control of the parliament, the favorable media attention, the organization of the party, and the power they wielded the prime minister gave his position to Mussolini essentially saying, “Fine if you think you can do better make your own government.”
        Once in power Mussolini restructured the country, banning all other political parties and taking over corporations. He single handedly gave complete control of the nation’s economy to the single party system.
        He was not a racist, and believed in equality for all races. He attempted to obtain allies against a growing Germany but was refused because of his radical socialism. For the survival of his nation and the dream of recreating the Roman Empire, he sided with the aggressive Germans. Finally accepting German anti-sematic and racial politics for the protection of the country.


Obama’s camps
        In 2013 I was working in a gas station recovering from a bought of homelessness that had taken a few years of my life. I had opportunities to chat with many customers. One young lady, we will call Jill for legal reasons, and I used to talk hours about politics.
        During the time I knew her I convinced her to expand her job search nationwide and to apply for higher paying jobs based on the average wage of an aria. For example, she worked for 13.00 an hour in a state with a 9.00 minimum wage. I suggested she seek a job paying the same in a state with a 7.35 minimum wage as the cost of living would be cheaper.
        As time passed she found a salary based job that exceeded her current pay in a place where the minimum wage was low. Furthermore the job offered benefits, affordable insurance, and when she researched the surrounding aria cost of living was much lower than here. She gladly accepted the job and moved away.
        She went through her training, put a down payment on a house, moved her stuff and her kids to this new aria. We stayed in contact through text. Everything seemed all right while she attended her training. When she actually started her new career, she was horrified.
        Her text read, “I was not prepared for this. They never told me. I am now the head of a dog kennel for humans.”
        I thought she was joking at first, and then she was able to explain. Her new job was to oversee the care of around 200 teenage immigrants. She was supplied with an out of date laptop and told to attempt to find their families. They were housed in an abandoned Wal-Mart and the old outdoor fencing once used for the garden center and parking lot was drug inside to make shift rooms.
        The conditions were horrible, only 1 bathroom worked and the kids peed in coffee cans dumping them when full. There were only seven employees who would bring cardboard and blankets as they could. The government supplied very little even failing to provide internet access. Jill did not even know Spanish and none of the teenagers under her care knew English.
        US law required that teens were not numbered, or counted as immigrants. Her facility housed only lost teenage boys who were out of the jurisdiction of DHS and ICE. They were seen as orphans with families. She was able to send me a couple pictures of the facility, and the addresses of three more facilities.
        She was informed that if she reported the existence of the facility or the contents she would be breaking the law. She was even suggested that if she reported the facility she could be arrested as a spy and kept indefinitely without trial due to the patriot act. Jill lived in fear. There were times when so little money was received by her facility that the power had been shut off, and she could tell no one.
        I personally sent the photos and a write up of the conditions to 22 news outlets. No one cared, they ignored me. As I attempted to expose this I found no one that would listen. There was even a party where she met Hillary Clinton during the campaign. No one listened, no one cared.
       Around the time Trump was elected there were around 500 youths in her care. The building was full, and the 7 employees had turned to local charities to gather food and supplies discretely.
        The news broke about these facilities in 2017. Trump was questioned live about the camps. He stated he wasn’t aware of them. Within 2 days he asked congress to supply emergency funds to these facilities, which they did. By Friday he was in Mexico for his first of five talks with the president about this issue.
    Her facility started receiving more funds, within a few months over 150 kids were placed in other facilities. She was also able to order cots and blankets from online companies. They also received porta-potties and portable showers. Laundry facilities also were set up.
        Jill still works at her facility which has a large interior processing facility and the people live in tent structures outside. She is in charge of 11 workers, but the facility has added twenty or so additional workers from two other government agencies.