Dan G Rite

     We are an organization that sees the writing on the wall. Our country is heading toward a civil war. We are prepared, we are patriots, and we will fight and die to save our country. We are against racism, and advocate for personal rights and liberty. We are prepared to stop any act of fascism raging across our country, have we hit this point?     So where as a group do we stand? This is part of the human condition and we need to figure it out for ourselves. I have friends in Portland that have reacted to the snatch and grabs, even witnessed one. I will try and represent the facts with opinions as I go, and we can look at the current public discussion.
     We need to start with the riots. In many cities around the country ANTIFA members ramped out false accusations that right wing groups, including us were actually doing the violent acts. This fits their groups profile, as Hitler and his brown shirts did the exact same thing across Germany in order to please the public perception of their movement as a bid for power. They blamed us for their actions in order for the public opinion to see us as bad and them as good.

     What truly did happen is that they infiltrated peaceful protests, started off violent riots, and then blamed us for their actions. These are socialist tactics, and the same tactics other socialist movements have engaged in since the fascte in Italy. The media favors the left, and there for having right wing groups to blame the violence on attempted to make ANTIFA look like heroes.


    It is important to distinguish that ANTIFA are a far left group that preaches socialism, and reacts to other beliefs with barbaric hatred. ANTIFA leaders have come out publicly claiming a hate for us, and any one that does not support their ideals. They have attacked speakers with lead pipes simply because they do not agree with them. The core of their ideology is hatred toward America, American principals, and the desire to establish our country as a socialist single party democracy.


    Their leaders have spoken openly about gathering up all right wing and libertarian individuals giving us a “chance” to be reeducated.  They praise the purge of Moa and wish this to happen here as they take control. They also actively seek the banning of religion, the government control of free speech, the abolition of private land ownership, and the removal of all guns.


    ANTIFA are by every definition a radical far left group pushing for the exact government structure that Hitler created in Germany as he took power. It is important while we see these groups in action to visually acknowledge that they are a group funded in part by Soros and the Clinton’s with the intent of instilling their beliefs into a new world government. They are by every definition of the term, fascist.

    If this were the end of the information we should solute the government for rounding them up and getting them off the streets. After all, a group of radical protestors blaming other groups for their actions as they rioted is how the German people fell so in love with Hitler after all that offered a solution to their problems with violence. AOC openly admits that she wishes for a single party democratic socialism for the US as well, this was Hitler’s answer to make peace in Germany and why he was elected.


    The problem is, while we have been collecting our numbers and being political with our meme war across Facebook, the media has called us out. They listened to ANTIFA and presented us wrongly as white supremists intent on starting a civil war. We know this isn’t true, but as an organization we have stayed in the shadows. This false press has gone too far, and ANTIFA has been at the forefront of making us look worse.

    The misinformation culminated into a serious event where we were mentioned by two democrat members of congress during the House Hearing on Countering Domestic Extremist Groups. Those two members lied to the rest of the committee claiming what Jon Lemmon stated about us on CNN, that we were racist and wanted to start a civil war. None of our movement had been called to testify, the truth be told we do not want a Civil War, we just know one is going to break out and we are prepared. We also do not like racism, and will not allow racism with in our groups.


    Those items being stated we come to the debate, and I believe the consensus. Now that the government has put us into the same basket with ANTIFA, what should we do about the abductions of ANTIFA groups in Portland. The short answer, nothing.


    Now is not the time to go around and join the enemy. Now is not the time to go after the enemy. Now is the time we heighten our own security and collect. We need, as a group, to make contact with as many members as possible, make sure our weapons stashes have been on boating accidents, and collectively band together.

    We also need to keep an ever watchful eye out for our government. These actions plainly show that Trump has not given up any of the administrative branches over reach that was set up during the last two administrations. When once I supported him, now I fear him.  We should never fear our government, this is wrong.


    We must actively become a louder voice, calling out the government over reach. We must as a group expose others to the media lies about us, and expose the wrong doings of our government. We must cry out for active change, but alas, as I have seen this will pass.


    Our group knows that the powers that be will push for even more government control until the gathering must happen. We will not be the ones that create a Lexington! We cannot! We are the ones meant to stop such a thing! Yet, we cannot let this happen!

    So, as much as it is important for us to be vigilant about news bias from the left, we also need to remember that there is bias coming from the right. It has been confirmed that the snatched in Portland were, and are ANTIFA, however not all people being roughed up by the police are actually ANTIFA. We as a group should be protesting the police violence, protesting the overreaching government system, and the injustices of the establishment. What we should not be doing is placing ourselves with in these groups. There is a line, we need to vigilantly be against the fist of oppression but not get sucked up into the movements involved. Yet, we need to make sure that innocent people are not being shamed by our bois when the police beat the innocent down.

    As my intelligence has informed me, it seems that the members snatched were questioned than released. I happen to think at this point that is all that would happen. This could be a dry run, possibly. My one friend in Portland is screaming from the rooftops, yet none of ours have been snatched up. A further note, neither have BLM members been grabbed.

    It is important that we do not mix with fascists, racists, pedophiles, or bootlicking blue lines right now.  None of these people seem to share the idea of land of the free, and at this moment the severity of the protests and the severity of the government’s actions are at the extreme level that requires our extreme action. It is important that we tell our government we do not agree with this crap, and we will not be stomped by the boots of violence!