Dan G Rite

    The activists that support Biden threaten war, cheat in the election, suppress the voices that disagree with them, and are running ramped through the streets creating chaos and violence. The most violent group ever seen on American soil didn’t arise from the American right, it flew out of the left. This is not uncommon, most of the world’s most deadly groups have been far left; Nazi, Stalinist, etc.

    The socialist playbook was developed by Lenin, and perfected by Hitler. Yet how many people in our society see these connect the dot events as they are rearing their ugly head in our country? People seem to be angry at Trump because he has utilized some of the powers of the patriot act like a child playing with the stove, yet how many people notice that one of the men that wrote that very law is now running for president?

    Over the past 40 years the left has entirely taken over the media, the entertainment industry, and our schools. The idea of freedom and democracy are being attacked on every side of the spectrum. They repeat lies, cover up criminal activity, and are now to the stage where they incite violence. The outlook from here is grim.

    Five states have now announced plans to leave the Union if Trump is reelected. Many of the groups close to their movement have threatened increases in violence if he is elected. Additional groups are running around ballot harvesting, mails in ballots are being sent that will be voided if returned. The election is rigged to fail. Both sides are planning on inquiring the results.

    With all of this going on a third party has been coming to the forefront, however they face a wall as well. They are refused any national recognition, refused a place on the debate stage, and now their members are being removed from social media. This is not how elections in a free country are run.

    The statists on the left have given America two choices, either a war in the Middle East or a civil war at home. We both side with Biden, and march off to war in order to save China from collapse, or they will attempt to burn our cities to the ground if they lose. The democrats are so afraid of the prospect of losing this election they are getting caught outright committing voter fraud.

    America as we know it has come to an end. A full out civil war has begun. The statist socialists have infiltrated every aspect of our life and are posed to attempt a takeover of our country, either by Biden’s win or hostile. We either repeat the path of Germany by accepting our Hitler, or we divide. They have the card in play to make this move.

    This election cycle started with a failed impeachment, the left showing they have absolutely no regard for the nation’s democracy. Swiftly they moved into the corona virus, possibly helped in its creation, and lockdowns. As the people began to rise, a murder opened their black shirts and brown shirts to commit violence on our streets. Once the violence slowed, another swift attempt at control with more virus news, another murder and more violence. As the public started to turn on the democrats brown shirts a swift shift in forest fires erupted, and now the simple threat of violence.

    The elitist news has been having a hay day of installing fear and hate between the two parties. Bootlicker statists on both sides are foaming at the mouth with corruption cases, and democrats being slung for election fraud. The end result will be the most contested election in history giving the statist leftists their reasoning for an insurrection. They will try an attempted coupe, more organized and possibly violent than the one Hillary attempted in 2016.

    It is not without noticing that the man who helped write the patriot act and the 1994 crime bill is the one running for office this ticket. The man who built the administrative branch into the powerhouse it is today is attempting to take that power for himself.
What we are seeing is the death throes of a power house in Washington. The elites slowly gurgling as they lose the power they have held for years. Biden is the last cry of salvation for the group that has been slowly consolidating their power, power that has been wielded from both sides of the isle. They have but to rise up and take complete control, or fade away.

    We are the people that must suffer as the system falls. We are the ones that must sit and watch as the ugly snake devours its own. We are the innocent victims of a power hungry group of sickening politicians that in their pursuit of power have forgotten that they serve us.

    Their game topples if we rise up. We are not subjects, we are citizens. We are the people.

    We are libertarian, it is not in our nature to hurt others, not really to revolt. The time is however coming close that we are going to have to call to arms to protect our country, our family, our communities, and our selves. We are being pushed into the preverbal corner, with our backs to the wall and our hand forced.

    We need to be prepared to stand up against the left as it makes its move! We need to move quickly and honestly as they make their attempts to destroy our nation.

    Intel and study of world demography show that there are going to be two hotspots that free minded people should watch, Washington state, and New York.

    Canada is mostly owned by China. This being said the Chinese can apprehend shipping boats and move large amounts of military into Canada and down through Washington state in order to support California and Oregon. The chances of them getting even to the Washington coast are slim because they have a very week navy. How week you ask? The prize of their fleet is a jump carrier that was converted from a casino. Yes, a casino.

    China is 6,000 times more in debt than the US. Its soldiers are almost starved and a serious resistance in Washington State during the winter would devastate them. If Washington cedes from the union a simple march on the capital and a good tar and feather party would take less than a few hundred men. If you are anywhere in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, etc. please come to Spokane and join us in liberating our state from the fascist Inslee, if of course he attempts this.

    New York could be a little rougher, with organized revolts up and down the coast a UN fleet could easily land in the New York harbor. This would open the nation to a two front war, though is only going to last a short while. Currently the only thing in Europe keeping Turkey and Russia at bay are the US forces that subsidize the 400k UN troops. So, with an Army of 2 million and 75% being loyal to Trump, added to a large percentage of the 65 million strong armed Trump voters I believe this battle to be over pretty quick.

    The key most important thing we, the centralist libertarians, can do is stick to the original Boog plan. This plan is simple, as we might get further involved later, go to the closest left controlled city, blow the power, blow the natural gas lines, blow the roads and railways. This simple approach will cut off the left from any advantage they thought they had.

    Washington becomes the key state to keep out of the lefts hands. This is vital. This message needs spread, if Jay Inslee attempts to cede from the union, he must be stopped. Please, we can have another election, we can’t have another free country like America. This country is the last free place on earth.