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Garrett Foster R.I.P.

        Garrett Foster, a member of the Libertarian Party, was killed last night at a protest against police violence. He was a member of Texas guerillas which is an offshoot of [retracted] Bois group. He also served our country.

            In an interview just hours before the shooting, with journalist Hiram Gilberto Garcia, he explained that he had been attending these protests with his fiancée every weekend since the Floyd killing. He explained that his roommate had been arrested just weeks prior at a protest and his reason to carry the AK-47 was for self-defense most likely against the police. “I mean, if I use it against the cops, I’m dead, and I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us are too big of pussies to stop and actually do anything about it,” Foster said.

            Garrett Foster was murdered in downtown Austin, Texas while pushing his wife, Whitney, a quadric-amputee in her wheelchair along Congress Avenue in a peaceful organized BLM march.

            A man reportedly drove his car through the protesters, nearly hitting Garrett and his fiancée. Garrett, who was there with his rifle to help protect the protestors from state violence, pushed his fiancée’s wheelchair out of the path of the car. He then turned toward the car, not touching his weapon, and the driver fired.

        A witness told the New York Times that he saw the car move toward the crowd, causing people to run away in fear. “You could hear the wheels squealing from hitting the accelerator so fast,” Capochiano, 53, said. “I’m a little surprised that nobody got hit. He was driving at an aggressive speed into the crowd.”

            During that interview the witness told them about Garrett’s gun, “He was not aiming the gun or doing anything aggressive with the gun, He was not holding it in an aggressive manner… I’m not sure if there was much of an exchange of words. It wasn’t like there was any sort of verbal altercations. He wasn’t charging at the car. He was just walking over there.”

            The driver entered the crowd, stopped, then fired a gun at Garrett, five .44 shots were fired from the driver of a black car tragically ending Garrett’s life. Garrett’s mother explained he was shot 3 times in the chest. A fellow protestor admitted that before attending to Garrett he returned fire with his .380 into the car. He had his medical bag and had to kneel to retrieve his concealed weapon from an ankle holster befor returning fire. Upon the vehicle’s exit he administered first aid.

            According to multiple eyewitness reports, Garrett never threatened the man with the rifle he was legally carrying and that his firearm was pointed at the ground the entire time. It seems that the driver ran a red light and swerved into the protestors driving erratically. The driver almost hit members of the group, but instead of attacking his car they moved out of the way giving him room to pass.

            From the videos, you can plainly see Garret behind his fiancée and her wheelchair as the car pulls up and his gun was not very visible. The driver had his window down, and appears to have singled Garrett out of the crowd when he opened fire. A witness explained that Garrett was preparing to push Whitney to a cross walk so he would have been facing the driver if he turned.

            One of our member’s it seems was singled out of a crowd and shot drive by style. The man drove purposely into the crowd, singled out Garrett, approached with his window down and a gun barrel out the window, shot and drove off. What are the odds this one man was singled out among thousands of others to have a gun emptied into him?

            Austin police have confirmed that Garrett never fired his gun. Garrett’s AK still had the safety on and no shots were fired from the weapon.

            Police have the shooter in custody at this time based on reports, he is cooperating with them. The police stated as of now that the investigation is still ongoing. As an update, the driver was released with out charges, police state the investagation is still ongoing. New information suggests he is active military that was driving for Uber when the incident happened.

            Foster’s mother told Good Morning America that her son and Mrs Mitchell had been together since they were 17. They attended the protest together, as they had “almost every day for the past 50 days,” she said. Mrs. Mitchell, was not hurt, she added.

            Mrs Foster said her son cared deeply about standing up against police brutality and racism, in part because of his relationship with Mitchell, who is Black. “He was doing it because he feels really strongly about justice and he’s very heavily against police brutality and he wanted to support his fiancé,” she said.

            The Go Fund Me also mentions, Foster “fought against injustice, served in the military, and was fiercely protective of his fiancée,”

            Garrett died a hero, giving his life to protect those who were exercising their right to protest against government abuse of the citizenry. In the beginning of these protests we, as a group, never were supposed to enter these protests. This man had his own reasons, and a very good reason, love.


            It is to this point that we should look hard at these protests. Who is setting them up, where is this going, and why. The BLM group was originally set up by a few key members. One dropped out when he learned of money being donated by the Clinton Foundation and George Soros, he also mentioned that with the money came orders. Two vocal ladies claim to be trained Marxist revolutionaries set to destroy America, their words not mine. One is a very nice young lady that insists that all white people should give up everything they own to black people. And the last player in the startup of the organization was arrested for transferring an under aged girl across state lines in order to pimp her out, basically a pedophile trafficker. If you attend these protests, this is what you support.

            Next we need to do a few minutes of research and find out where the money goes. Go to the BLM page, click on donate, and then delete the bar back to the company website. Now you are on a page called actblue.com. As you cruise through this site you will come across where the money goes, and very few cents of the donations go to BLM, instead they went to Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, the Democrat Party, and a few other socialist or democrat candidates. So basically the BLM group is an active democrat fundraiser that favors socialists. If you attend these protests you support democrats, especially far left candidates.

            No one denies that what happened to Floyd was wrong, but joining an active democrat fundraiser with groups of people that literally hate you because you support liberty and the constitution is not in any one’s best interest.

            Also, there have been some pretty horrific messages that people have been harassing his mother and fiancée. This man was a patriot, he should never be treated that way, and it is not only horrific to do this, but it is wrong. Is this how your family should be treated in your passing?


Foster’s Go Fund Me

    New information has been released! The shooter was active US Army Sergeant Daniel Perry. He attacked Garret because of his personal hatred for the BLM movement. He even showed up to harass people at a vigil for Garret. He even posted on Donald Trump’s twitter to “shoot center mass” aggressively claiming his desire to shoot protestors.

Chad Loder on Twitter Video of Shooting