Dan G Rite

What we are doing is attacking financial institutions that have stolen money from working people. Don’t ever let the news convince you this is any thing else. We are not going to end up rich after this, we are not doing this for the money. We are doing every thing with in the law to cripple people that have proven to be too greedy.
We know we are doing what we intended because the corporate media has started lying about us. Don’t believe the lies, we can not crash the economy. Truth is what we are doing can help the economy, by saving companies from being crushed we protect jobs. The finance people we are fighting against cost people jobs, not us.
Where we caught them is while they were in the middle of a short squeeze. To explain, let’s pretend you own a few hundred shares of a company that has been going down and it is worth 10.00. the Hedgefund asks you, “If you borrow that stock to me for 30 days I will return the stock plus 1.00 a share.” So they borrow your stock, they immediately sell it and they are holding a 10.00 bill and owe you the stock and a dollar. The specific Hedgefund we targeted would go to their friends in the media and push for a bad story to come out about the company. When the stock drops, they buy it as cheap as possible then give you back the shock worth lets say a dollar, and your dollar and keep the 8.00.
So, why we chose the specific stock of Game Stop has a lot to do with protecting the worker. Melvin was chosen because it has ties to the Biden administration, and their backer Citadel also has ties to the Biden administration. Just last year Citadel paid our new head of the treasury 1.7 million dollars. So when Melvin chose to get super greedy and attempt to short sell 140% of Game Stop stock, we put them as enemy #1.
If we could find proof that Melvin illegally produced a fall in the stock, they would go to prison. We don’t have that proof, we only suspect it based on past evidence. We also do not understand why a company can sell and owe more than 100% of a company. So, we contacted lawyers, sifted through the law, and made a very easy plan to fight back.
We had a simple plan, and none of us had a lot of money. Our group as a mass however grew to over two million people, and we decided that if each of us together put in 100 bucks, which is 200 million dollars. 200 million dollars can move a stock up in value. We set a date and every one of us bought into the stock with what ever we could afford to loose.
Simply driving up the value of the stock isn’t all! We now need to hold the stock and refuse to sell our stocks to the hedgefund. When the reddit group states diamond hands, it is referring to the plan. Buy the stock, hold onto it, and don’t sell. If we refuse to sell then the hedgefund will not have the stock to return to the customer they borrowed it from. When they can’t get the stock needed to cover their returns they will have to go bankrupt and pull money out of their own bank accounts to pay more for a stock no one will sell!
As a group we need to ignore the media, stop listening to the news, and hold the stocks. Hold them until they are 16.00 a share. The media first called us Trumpers, then called us insurrectionists, then claimed we were trying to cause a financial crisis, then called us Russian Bots, then white supremists, and now they claim we are buying silver. These are all lies, all BS and more proof that the news lies. Stop listening to the media lies, hold the stock to the end, and realize there are now 9 million of us.