Dan G Rite
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As the election looms closer, Facebook grows ever bolder with its election tampering. Over the last 3 days more than a thousand Libertarian pages and possibly more than 100,000 users have been banned from the platform. This came within hours of Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen claiming a 1% jump in the national polls at the expense of Democrat Candidate Pedo-Joe Biden.

Mr. Zukk has already been on trial for this. He claims he is just a platform. But this ban of politically motivated members is much more. They have went after ONLY groups that are politically active against the democrats. Antifa, who have been committing acts of violence across the country for five years are safe, but libertarians have been given the chopping block being involved with no violence and supporting a NAP.

It seems that Mr. Zukkerburg has either went all out mafia criminal breaking the laws on voter suppression or has officially went off the wall tin foil hat bonkers. Either way, now is the time that the government should intervene. He has greatly abused his power, and the current election is so critical his current actions are criminal. Limiting the active voice of more than one hundred thousand people so close to an election guarantees a conviction for criminal behavior.

Could this recent behavior be something more sinister? It seems that most libertarians are heavily against pedophiles. Is there a connection between Mr. Zukk, Biden and pedophilia? It is common knowledge that Obama, Biden, and Mr. Zukk all attended private plane rides on Mr. Epstein’s private pervert jet. Since both Mr. Trump, and the libertarian movement are strongly anti-pedophile this could explain motives. Could he be doing this illegal activity to sway the elections in hope he is not investigated for pedophilia?

It is kind of ironic that active pedophilia groups are allowed on Facebook, but anti-pedophilia groups are banned as quickly as they can be discovered. Could his pedophile activities be the reason he has illegally interfered with an entire political party this election? One could question his concept that anti-pedophile sentiment is hate speech, when the victims of pedophiles must live with the effects for their entire life. Some pedophiles harm victims in the thousands, trampling through innocent victims lives like a wrecking ball, yet Zukk seems to think this is okay.

With his fact checkers allowing lies, conspiracy theories, and false information to be spread all over Facebook about Trump, they sensor even the opinions of opposition. According to the Facebook sensors, “I feel that Biden should never be president” was tagged as a false statement, yet “Trump colluded with Russia” is a fact. They actually utilize false articles AND OPINION pieces to back up their fact checkers! They ignore articles that have been written by reliable sources disproven their theories, and only accept pieces that follow their narrative.

The only way to publicly say anything you want to on Facebook is to be either a pedophile or a democrat. What makes this entirely scary is that the only political group that has been committing violence and threatens all out civil war if they don’t win this election is the democrats! About a week ago Facebook announced that they were going to purge their system of the violent groups on their platform. They didn’t, multiple thousands of Biden, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa groups are still there. In fact, it seems that only Libertarians and a hand full of republican pages were taken down. Facebook allowed the violent groups supporting starting a civil war, and purged the groups that didn’t!

So, why does a billionaire believe the Bo0g@|0o bois are dangerous? It started with a fake new article presented by CNN’s very own gay racist Don Lemmon. We are a group that sees the rift between the right and the left as severe as well as the rift between the rich and poor. Every nation that has ever had half this rift has evolved into civil war. It is for this reason we see the writing on the wall and expect a civil war to break out. Being centralist and libertarian we have dedicated our very existence to become as politically motivated as we can to try and avoid this war, and on a side note prepared in case it breaks out. So our foil hat conspiracy theorist that did absolutely no research on us made up some vile accusations against us.

As a group the Bo0g@|0o openly are prepared for a war between the ultra-rich left and the conservative right. We support the idea of change in our country, but we can see that the brainwashed majority are simply sheep spreading hate back and forth for no reason other but to spread violence and hate. We are centralist and do not align with either side, they both look like smelly dog shit and we want very little to do with either of them. As a collective we have become extremely involved in politics in an attempt to make both sides see that what they are doing is not only stupid but wrong. We do this by creating memes, sticking together in small groups, and being actively engaged in debate and discussions.

We point out the hypocrites, expose lies and BS, and call out racists, liars, and political thieves. Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy theorists want to say we are white supremists, which is bull crap. We despise week minded feeble sheep and call out any racist no matter their color because racism is the sign of nimble minded weakness. We, as a group, despise racists. This is why we don’t like Mr. Lemmon, because he is a hard core racist. If a racist is caught in any of our groups, they are kicked out immediately. It might have paid better for Mr. Lemmon to have talked to one of us before making up his loony conspiracy theory, honestly at least one of our group died walking his black girlfriend to a black lives matter rally.

As a group we support the libertarian principle of NAP, which is an idea of do as you will but harm no one. This is hardly a call to violence. It is repulsive that we were singled out as violent but Antifa was allowed to stay on the platform. This fact alone shows that Facebook has done this for voter suppression. Both Democrat political leaders and Antifa have threatened more violence if Trump is elected, yet Facebook attacked the group acting under NAP.

Sharing memes, joining in political debates, and enjoying groups that discuss history and politics is not a crime. It also is not perpetuation of violence. It is the use of the first amendment, especially when tin foil hat cookoo conspiracy theories about us exist. We are our own voice and the fact that Jo Jorgensen our supported candidate for president has excelled in the polls show that what we have been doing is working! Silencing an active political movement because of a false conspiracy theory is wrong. Where are those who are crying out? Where is our voice?