Dan G Rite

     Now that states are requiring us to mask up, is it going to help? This is a pretty unusual questing to be asking among adults, but the answer is somewhat more disturbing. Since this debate has started I have been 86ed from a restaurant I used to frequent for the past 6 years and have been threatened in certain aspects of my job. This and I am by no means an anti-mask activist.

        To start I will explain my own conditions. I have been diagnosed with COPD and have a slight breathing problem. I have an inhaler, and seldom use it. Voluntarily I wore as mask during the beginning of this COVID thing, however the mask caused me to become dizzy and I almost passed out. I discussed this with my doctor who suggested that my lungs simply are not strong enough to exchange oxygen for the carbon dioxide through the paper of the mask.

        Besides being careful I showed up COVID Antibody positive though I never had a symptom. As I read into it, this seems to be a common thing among smokers which the national news is not mentioning much. It’s odd how things that go against public narratives don’t get reported on, never mind it’s common.

        So as we uncover some deeply troubling aspects of our national leader ship, we find that Gavin Newsom, Jay Inslee, Kate Brown, Gretchen Whitmer, and a handful of Oregon, Washington, and California state representatives invested in a Chinese company called BYD that makes electric cars. The investments spawned interest in early December because the company sold and idea to Jerry Brown the previous governor of California for electric buses which simply wasted the money. Last month, mysteriously Gavin Newsom struck a deal with the company to make masks for the Corona outbreak.

        As I have looked into this and reviewed the information I have come to the conclusion that the masks are not only useless but actually increase a person’s chances at contracting the virus. It seems again the money in America is what is talking.

        My first observation is that this virus is extremely small and carried from an infected person through water droplets. As the water dries up on a surface the virus dies when exposed to the air and sunlight. When we breathe we expel water droplets that absorb into the mask. This moist aria on a mask provides shade and water so that they virus can stay alive longer.

        While we have a covering over our face we also tend to touch it and adjust it more often. This touching of surfaces around us and then touching the mask increases the amount of viruses and bacteria that collect on the mask. After just a few hours we increase the amount of diseases on our mask thus increasing our chances of contracting something from our surroundings.

        It should be noted that medical personnel have shown to be 15% of the total covid cases even though they wear masks regularly. This has to do with the increased exposure to the virus. Every minute they are at work they increase their chances of picking the virus up and placing it on their mask.

        The next science based fact we should look at is basic hydraulics. As you wear a mask your lungs have to breathe in and out more deeply because there is a restrictive barrier between you and the air. Water that collects on your mask is now forced through thinner passages and jettisoned further distances just like water from a hose when you kink it. Add this with the increased number of infectious material and the added pressure from your lungs, these contributing factors push contaminants deeper into your lungs where there is less protection from infection.

        This all being said I will include some articles that explain some facts about the masks. My reason to write this is not to slam protecting yourself from a disease, it is to help you stay healthy. If you must wear a mask, use hand sanitizer often. Hand sanitizer will decrease your chances of contracting the illness. Ozium will sterilize the air when you are concerned. Lysol will clean surfaces. Lastly, if you are wearing the blue paper masks, change them often.

        The ideal thing is to reduce your mask wearing as much as possible, the longer you wear it the more chance you are to get infected. Clean reusable masks with 75% or better alcohol as much as you can, and most of all be safe!

        Remember, before believing Fauci, realize he visited Epstein’s private island many times. The powers that be have dirt on him and he is controlled.

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