Dan G Rite
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     Mike Dunn, the brave Boog that ended up in a viral photo while protesting the murder of Dunkin Lemp and standing against tyranny, was fired from his job.    To be specific, he organized this rally to stand up against the red flag laws, and a murder of his friend.As a collective, we should not leave a brother down. Mike should not be left on the sidelines. He armed himself, and marched with a group in protest for Duncan Lemp. If any can, he has set up a go fund me in order to pay some bills.    So what happened is this, he worked for a government job and because he did not agree with his governor’s over reach he was canned. As a citizen, this is wrong, as an activist this is equally wrong. I believe that all members of government work should be allowed to have political opinions, this lack of personal believe and adherence to specific political protocols is what the Nazi’s employed under fascism.

        Complete power corrupts completely. Massachusetts’ red flag law allows anyone claiming to have ties with the victim to patrician the court which can enact a gun confiscation. Essentially a neighbor can call the cops, get a warrant without contacting the victim, and the police run over with guns and tactical gear to confiscate any firearm the person owns.

        This kind of tyranny is what the original revolution was fought over, and a solid example of what Hitler did in the 30s.In Richmond Virginia a group of at least 637 people attended a rally for several hours in protest of the tyrannical over reach of their states governor including red flag laws which took affect July 1st as well as the murder of Dunkin Lemp. While protesting it appears that a handful of colored folks approached to protest against the rally, Mike personally reached out the olive branch and explained our movement. As he states, “I spoke with them. We found common ground.”

        As Mike presented our movement to the counter protestors he discovered that they were clearly under the understanding that we were some kind of white supremists, this is common in the community as corporations like the owners of CNN commonly lie about us in order to create fear in the public. Anyone who knows us realizes quickly that we don’t even allow racists of any color in our groups. As the viral photos show, they made peace and armed with the truth even one or two BLM protestors joined the rally.

        Mike sums up our movement with quotes like this, “I stand for freedom… and I hate big government… and at 19 years old I will do anything I can to stop them.” During the zukk he lost a Jo Jorgenson Facebook group and another CNN Boi group. Kudos for setting up a rally that brought out over 600 people! Mike is a proactive leader in our ranks and has the ability to create working militia groups, stating he has started 18 so far.