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Official Statement from the Board of Directors of the United States Boogalier Corps

For Immediate Public Release

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Regarding the bias in the media against the Boogaloo movement based on the alleged criminal actions of a few individuals who acted alone and were not known to the USBC before their arrests, the Board of Directors has released the following statement on 16 August 2020.

    Recently our movement has been under misguided scrutiny from various media outlets without having contacted our membership. We have been labeled racists and terrorists. This is categorically false. We are being mislabeled by the media to spread fear in these uncertain times. Such a calculated move is called “yellow press.” This term refers to false or misleading press releases meant to spread misinformation on a subject to influence public opinion. The fact is that we have been labeled as terrorists because of a misconstrued report that was greatly blown out of proportion. Unfortunately, this reprehensible act is all too common in our world today – where the court of public opinion takes precedence over facts. The USBC Board of Directors is more than willing to have actual interviews with media outlets, all they have to do is contact us.

    Our movement categorically rejects the alleged criminal acts committed by Steven Carillo, Robert Justus Jr., Stephen Parshall, Andrew Lynam, William Loomis, Chevy Lee McGee, Aaron Swenson, Joshua Barnard, and Kevin Ackley. We do not accept or condone the alleged actions these men took. Their alleged actions do not align with our principles. Whether or not they actually committed the crimes they’re being charged with is irrelevant, the USBC does not condone criminal activity, nor do we tolerate it. We hope that they will receive a fair trial, but the media has already said so much about these individuals, the Boogaloo movement, and an alleged connection between the two that we are concerned that any jury called to render a verdict is already biased against them. While we have seen no conclusive evidence to support the claim that these individuals were part of the Boogaloo movement, we can say with certainty that they were not a part of the USBC and have never had any connection with us. While it is true that we are a part of the Boogaloo movement, and these individuals have been associated with the Boogaloo movement, we are only one sector of the broader Boogaloo movement and these individuals have never been among our ranks.

    The claim that our movement is piggybacking off showing support for Black Lives Matter protests is so dense and far off base, and it could not be further from the truth. We march because we believe that anyone should be able to walk around without the fear of being killed or unfairly discriminated against by the police. We stand for liberty and justice for all – no exception.

    The USBC will continue to stand alongside anyone who believes that everyone is created equal. We are sons and daughters, Christians and Muslims, Black and White, and we will not be divided. We see no color, favor no creed or lack thereof, and don’t believe in discrimination based on the way a person is born. Our movement is inherently American. We believe in a better America than what we have now. We do not care about race, religion, gender, or anything else. We do not care about our differences because the one uniting factor is that we are Americans. While we want to protect our people from government overreach and corruption, we will not defend or support convicted criminals within our ranks, and those arrested for alleged criminal acts will have to settle the matter through the proper legal channels. The USBC will support justice for everyone, even the worst criminals deserve their day in court.

    – The Board of Directors


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