Dan G Rite
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Wood Chipper Go Brrrr

    Okay, I must start this by explaining I am not a Trumpster. I was on the band wagon until he stated his support for red flag laws and allowed the ban of bump stocks. This being said, for my opinion to be expressed I have to state positive information about the man for who I have no respect. As a reader, please understand my personal feelings do not affect my statements.

    We need to travel back to the mid-1990s and a radio broadcast I heard on Howard Stern. Trump, who had been a frequent guest on the show, had just returned from a trip. Unlike any appearance before, or after, Trump seemed distant, possibly disturbed and you could here is in his voice. When asked about the trip he answered, “I don’t want to talk about it.” That trip was with Jefery Epstien.

    During this visit with Stern Trump also disclosed he was no longer a democrat, stated he would never again support a democrat, and was looking into other candidates for the upcoming election cycle. This interview, if you can find it, is one of the strangest Trump interviews ever broadcast. We found out why later when Epstien was arrested in Florida.

    To understand more about the first Epstein arrest we can look at Patterson’s book “Filthy Rich” which pinpoints dome fact for us. Trump offered to testify against Epstein. Epstein’s lawyer was a defendant in one accusation. This gets more interesting as the complaint against Epsteins lawyer was altered and released as a complaint against Trump in 2016, the court docket numbers do not match as the fake complaint claims to be New York and comes up to a different case.

    Now this is where things get, weird. While Epstein was in jail his private pilot quit and released six flight logs. One was snatched up and released everywhere, the compilation of six are harder to track down. A key reason is that CEOs from Google show up, as well as CEOs from all five of the major news networks, the founder of Facebook, and a handful of democrat politicians. This might explain some of the difficulty finding facts in this case, the additional flight logs, and some media cover up.

    So, we move forward, knowing that CEOs of all the news networks visited a private pedophile island, and their friend Epstein has been exposed. We step to the presidential race, remember the guy that said he would never support a democrat? Trump also claimed he wanted to impose the death penalty for pedophilia, and swore to expose the democrats and the news media for the crimes they committed. Now adding all the facts to this point one can see why the news media hates Mr. Trump so deeply.

    Where do we fit? To be honest, we hate pedophiles. Most of us know that a group of pedophile elite run the underbelly of this country. We are a fringe movement and we expose these corruptions. This was all fine and dandy when there were a few hundred of us hiding in the shadows, but over the last year our number have burst to be almost uncountable. Our growth has gotten us under the radar.

    It seems our success has placed us in the crosshairs of the pedophiles we aimed to expose. The pedophile groups control the narrative and still hold public office. They are using whatever tactics they can to discredit us and make us look like the bad guys. I can guarantee you that over the next few months their friends in ANTIFA will commit acts of terrorism and the media will accuse us. They are desperate and will do whatever they can to keep their control.

    Please, look at the past year. Do you find it anything other than the death throes of a dark underbelly to have had a failed attempt at impeachment, a virus scare, the murder of Floyd, the cover-up of Hillary’s court order, Biden’s racist comments, and the Obama Spy Gate? Then just as the power of the protests look bad, another COVID scare, marked with more totalitarian state level mandates, 6 democrat cites being exposed for serious corruption, and the finally of us being branded terrorist by democrat US congressmen lying about us?

    We need to look at the numbers, Trump has busted more pedophiles and human traffickers trying to take down the Clinton’s and Soros crew than Obama and Bush combined. One of the CEOs of Disney was even exposed as well a pedophile ring in Disney land. Disney has lost so much control they even purchased Fox news in order to control the narrative.

    We are not up against a normal foe, our enemies are dark disgusting pedophiles that trade and traffic children because they think they are above the law. Sadly they are the law, but we still live in America and these sickos still need exposed! When discussing the news I no longer call them the news, I call them the multibillionaire pedo island media, because that is what they are. Yes we need to be afraid of the public’s opinion of us, but we need to stay firm! Keep exposing these dirt bags!