Dan G Rite

The election continues. At this point more than 117,000 signed affidavits of voter fraud have been submitted by the people. Both of the main party candidates have broken vote turn out records. Mr. Trump has received more votes than any other sitting president in history. Sadly, more instances of voter fraud, and impropriety have been uncovered this election than ever before.

Two counties in Michigan have reported direct software errors with the software being used to tally votes in thirty states. Ilhan Omahr’s team was caught buying blank ballots just weeks before the election. A post office worker was caught on the boarder of New York and Canada with undelivered filled out ballots. Another postal worker was caught selling blank ballots in yet another state. Another postal worker claims that fraudulent post marks were ordered to be placed on ballots.

In one county people were being refused to witness the voter count. A group sued for access and the court ruled in their favor, so the counting facility violated the order and covered the windows as they continued to count ballots without witnesses.

It is important to understand the process of counting a vote happens. First the envelope is opened, the ballot is removed from the security envelope, and then the signature is verified. If the ballot is not inside the security envelope, or the signature does not match, then the ballot is discarded. Good ballots are placed in boxes and sent to the counters. You would think this would be supervised, however in our state this is done in secrecy.

The next step in the process is that the ballot is scanned into a computer. The person scanning the image has a tool that lets them edit the ballot so that the software can read the image. This tool leaves open two distinctive paths to human error, first off they can change your vote entirely, and second they do not have to save your ballot as they scan the next one. That is correct, there is no pop up that alerts the user that the ballot has been saved as they scan the next ballot. Once the ballot is scanned, edited, and then saved it is now on a USB drive.

Before continuing, I remind my readers that a handful of these USB drives were reported stolen just weeks before the election. Mainstream media claimed that this was unimportant as the drives did not contain any of the election software, however it is USB drives that contain the ballots. A thief could easily grab a few drives, source and purchase copies, and then load ballots onto them. These fake drives could easily be snuck in, yet no one discussed this.

The final step requires the ballots saved on the USB drives to be loaded into the main computer that tallies the totals. As anyone that understands the process can see, the entire system is susceptible to actual fraud.

With all of this, 30 states use the software and only two counties in Michigan reported any error. The fact that an error occurred should led to a massive recount in all 30 states, but no one seems to see the irony that any failure in a system should mean the change of the system. A computer glitch is a glitch with in the software and would be present in every copy of that software.

I didn’t vote for Trump, but honestly I believe he has a responsibility as an American to fight these results. The entire election system has leaned with cheating by his opponent as well as many glitches and errors that favor his opponent. Trump has a responsibility to fight these indiscrepancies and to get to the bottom of them. One does not have to support the guy to have the right thing happen.

Considering that Facebook and Twitter banned libertarians and conservatives in the month leading up to the election additional investigations need to be done there. As well, the main stream media cover up of Biden’s involvement in crime a secondary poll was conducted to Biden voters, and 4% said they would have voted for Trump had they known about the information on Hunter’s laptop. This corporate run country is losing our ability to be free.

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