Dan G Rite

The New York Times over the past five years has published hundreds of articles which have proven to be lies. Many have been speculated to be lies that have yet to be proven false, and some have just been false opinions. Regardless their latest possibly false accounts prove many of their false accounts to be lies if the recent bombshell proves to be true.

For more than four years the New York Times has been claiming that Trump accepted money from Russia. Recently they have dropped an article claiming to be illegally obtained copies of Trumps tax returns. The bombshell proof, once and for all, that Trump never accepted or received money from Russia. The complete transcript proves that the New York Times has been lying about the Trump Russian connection for four years.
This embarrassment does not stop there! In releasing these tax documents they single handedly prove Trump’s accusation that the Obama tax schedule favored the rich! If you look at the allotted exemptions that the Trump tax team took advantage of you can see in black and white why Trump revamped the tax plan.

As I have personally argued since Clinton, tax exemptions that only the rich could achieve are not fair for the working class. Trump’s tax records clearly show how true this was. The absolute argument as to why the rich hate Trump so much are out in the open. “If” the document is accurate you can see the hundreds of thousands of dollars of exemptions Trump was able to use to bring his federal payment down to 750.00.
750.00 for a year of taxes is why Trump ran on the idea of eliminating all tax exemptions from his new tax plan. He openly discussed this while he ran for president. The New York Times argued that Trump’s tax plan would lower taxes for the wealthy, but now with Trump’s taxes out on the table one can plainly see that the new Trump tax code increases the actual taxes paid by the rich exponentially. Publishing this tax information proves their argument wrong!

Now I understand that the current tax code does allow for some exemptions, while writing the tax plan Trump had to give in to Pelosi and McConnell, but for the most part his taxes would have increased severely under his new plan. This new plan would cause a significant raise his taxes. As he said, in order to protect the working class he had to give somewhere.

It seems that despite the last five years of diarrhea extruding from the New York Times they now publicly are attempting to shame Trump not only for Obama’s tax loopholes, but for how well his tax team has utilized them. Let’s look to the people that are to blame here, Clinton, Bush, and Obama and their administrations including Biden that bragged he had helped craft the tax plan that gave Trump so many loopholes to paying taxes. Any idiot can see why the ultra-rich are pissed at Trump, for the first time in decades they have to pay their fair share.

Besides all the lies about taxes that have been spit out, let’s also remind all that after five years of bogus accusations that Trump accepted money from the Russians it turns out they proved themselves wrong by publishing this piece. We need to only relay that Mr. Biden is the only person running that has accepted money from Russia, Ukraine, and China though his family.

The truth is, I don’t support Trump for 2020. But My hat is off to the man that screwed the system using the law, and kudos for making the rag New York Times look like Chumps!