Dan G Rite


    SO here we are in Washington State where under Inslee’s control the population of homeless in my city of Spokane has gone from 200 to 4,000. My rent has gone from 400 to 1,300. Food and utility costs have doubled, and taxes have doubled. He got caught stealing 3 Million in tax funds for a failed presidential campaign, admitted to over 600 thousand of it. He was in Wuhan China 2 blocks from the wet market the day before the virus started touring a CCP owned laboratory on a “trade mission”. He didn’t even know the CHAZ zone was created for 2 weeks after he sent in unarmed and unarmored army reserves to “slow” the violence. More than 400 thousand people signed a single petition to ask for his resignation and more than 60 additional petitions showed up asking the same in a Google search. His “liberal” local newspaper could only get his approval rating to 40% interviewing only 400 people while a conservative publication interviewing more than 2 thousand put it at 9% just two months ago. Rallies, and protests have been at the Governor’s mansion from the right and the left, and he has been criticized by even the president. Yet Suddenly, during the first vote by mail his approval rating shot to 76% and he turned Red States Blue? In the past three months he has signed vaccine registration laws, permitted the use of facial recognition software on traffic cams, and ordered a “turn in your neighbor” app to be circulated. Something is wrong here! You can’t drive anywhere in this state without seeing a “Fuck Inslee” sticker, and having driven in every city as part of my job I have only seen 1 total Inslee for Governor sign anywhere in the entire state, I have not even seen a single bumper sticker and I drive cab 6 days a week for 12 hours.

New Inslee Recall Petition

Govoner Inslee’s Trip to China
As the Washington State Trade Commission has scrubbed all information of Inslee’s visit to China in early December because he left Wuhan on December the 14 th after visiting the Wuhan Biological Laboratories a CCP owned lab 2 blocks from the Wuhan wet market where the first COVID case is identified to have originated. They didn’t scrub this page that discusses the trip.

Current accusations of China effecting the 2020 elections
Team Inslee seems to have his friends working hard for his causes. He was in Bejing In December!

Inslee caught stealing from tax payers
Here is one of the ways that Furure Inslee stole from the tax payers in the state

Inslee uses a Homeless man’s death to push for more taxes
As the democrats have taken control of the state our Homeless Population has grown out of control. Seattle was at 4,000 homeless and now estimates between 11 thousand and 30 thousand, Spokane has gone from 200 to over 4,000. Minimum wages have hiked, but most workers have had to get a second job because of loss of hours, or given up all benefits and become contract labor just to keep their jobs. Small businesses have been closing, Spokane has even lost six popular stores that have existed twenty or more years, un able to pay the rising wages. All of this while raising taxes and forcing rent to multiply by as much as 5 times in some places.

Inslee’s Deathlist fo COVID
This article explains how Inslee made the decision before lockdown of who would be refused care for COVID if Hospital beds were not available. Notice, no mention of transporting people to other states, just send them home to die. This article also has a blip at the bottom showing a CDC doctor stating this illness was not that bad.


Gues where Inslee’s daughter works….

they have been working together (Gate, Inslee, China) since 2014

The Gates China Inslee Conspiracy Explained

Inslee signs law legalizing the use of facial recognition soaftware use

Did you know the only state with legal facial recognition software had a Drone fleet already?