Dan G Rite

    The largest thing that no one talks about when planning on engaging in the Bo0g@|0o is, what exactly do we plan to do when we win? The truth is with such tribalism in America today, someone has to have a plan and fast. Also, no, making me president isn’t a fully good idea either I am a dick.

    So the first thing about the Bo0g@|0o we forget is that as soon as it begins, the government loses. As a group we do not involve ourselves until the United States Government fires on it’s own people, and then we are at go time. The original plan of taking every military base offline and every major democrat run city still goes. Blow the entire electrical structure, blast all roads and railways, then gather outside of the aria and stand our ground. This has always been our plan, and it stands.

    This plan is solid and will work, it is so fool proof that even the meme warfare personal professionals can’t screw it up. The problem is after a week cities of millions with no electricity, food, or fuel will surrender and we have won. The issue is what do we do next?

    The issue is that most of us are libertarian and simply want left alone, the corruption that we would hope to rid ourselves of exists in both the Republican and Democrat party. Add to the fact that, while we want a free lifestyle willed with rights millions of Americans want to start up a socialist fascist country of their own. Libertarianism and Communism exist like BarBQ sauce on fudge drop ice cream with pickle sprinkles and raw calamari. These ideas are oil and water, they don’t mix.

    The other thing that don’t mix is us “ruling” or controlling others. The pedophile run news networks have divided our country so badly that the Bo0g@|0o is our only route to freedom, but we can’t force our will onto others, this is not going to be the founding of the new America as we move forward.

    First, let’s look at the actual divide. This US map shows all the red arias and blue arias outlining who voted for Trump in red, and blue represents people that voted for the insignificant pedophile human trafficking lady. The second map shows who voted for Obama and the magic underwear loving corporate outsource manager.


    Now as you inspect these you will see openly that any type of America with ejecting out the democrats does not simply work. This is actually how a country should work, more than one party actually compromising for positions and legislating as a group. We do however have a few blue arias that entirely resist compromise. Chicago, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Las Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis for example. As you can see on a map however Chicago and Minneapolis cannot survive as city states, the others however can, and should be kicked out of the United States. The capital can be moved, or the cities government be disbanded and have it run as modern military base.

    The other things we need to look at are disputed Indian lands. Now many are trapped inland and are too small to do much with, however the one region I am mostly looking at it in northern North Dakota. It will be important that we meet with Tribal leaders, offer them expansions, and allow them their own countries. Let them be free with solid borders, we will also be in the position to trade land with Canada that could be incorporated into these Indian nations.

    So what can be done? Upon winning, California has two major cities, and mile of coast. Cut them out, than separate the state into the four states it requested to be. Portland, along the river including portions of Washington state, kick it out. Some people won’t like it but we have left them a place to exodus to. Seattle and the sound? Let’s sell it to Canada, maybe we can trade Seattle for more land north of Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota. Both Oregon and Washington have sued to separate as a state, but kicking out the America haters might settle this argument.

    What about trade you ask? Truth is you should study demographics. Essentially all the foreign powers have more adults going into retirement than they have working age adults. The entire reason for the “New World Order” and one world government is they don’t have the means to produce food. China is worse off because they are 80% dependent on trade, and without the US in the oceans they have no military able to secure a trade network, after 25 years of a one child policy they have a shortage of 25 year olds, and yeah, they are the most in debt country in the world beating us by over 800 times.

    The US is 7% of GTP dealing with world trade and our biggest trade partner over the next fifty years is going to be Mexico, Canada also has poor demographics and within 10 years more than 70% of their population is going to be retiring along with 70% of the world. Our entire reason for continued playing in the Middle East was so that every other country, including China had access to oil. Well Europe claims they don’t want oil, and China makes nothing we can’t, so why be the world’s police? Even Russia forgot to have kids and in five years their entire army will be cut by 50% because they don’t have enough young people.

    We don’t need the world, we have no one to export too, and every time we import we screw our own people out of jobs. No one in America supports our stupid wars, and no one realizes without those we can’t keep this trade safe. When we pull our troops home, everyone is going to have to figure it out themselves. We have our trade partners, will keep working with Japan, but pretty much let our newly spawned independent countries flourish.

    So, has every one thought this through? Kick out the ones we can’t mix with, and we can finally be free? Set up gold and silver currency again? Private banks with independent power. Honestly, I believe every one of you reading this should look into “Economics in one lesson” by Henry Hazlitt. He describes an excellent economic system with private everything. You can listen to the entire book on youtube. Also catch up on world government a little bit, Peter Zeihan explains a lot of what’s going on in the world.

Economics in One Lesson