Dan G Rite

So where did this movement begin?

    So it was asked of me, where we came from. Well it all started a long, long time ago before the memes, before face book even. There was this very evil man, and he was elected president. No one really told about his criminal empire, the bodies he had laid to waste, his connection with corporations owning slaves, his cocaine smuggling operations, and missing children. A few people knew, but very few people told.

    There was a group that stretched from Colorado to Montana called the Freeman group, many of them called themselves the minutemen. This was a multi-state movement that started with a full leadership model. The internet was new at the time, and back then we utilized a chat room online to coordinate. Leaders of different groups would utilize private rooms on bianca’s heart beat in order to organize ideas, arrange events, and implement training.

    To be formerly honest, these were usually beer fests with guns. I can remember an event where a guy had got his hands on a WW1 Vickers water cooled machine gun so a bunch of us saddled up and headed to the show. We were asked to bring our own 303 rounds to shoot the gun. When we got there the guy only had one belt, and it was a metal link belt. The weapon shot the cloth belts. We did however have a shindig, and a nice bonfire.

    This came crashing to a halt in August of 1992 when a member from Hamilton Montana went on a hunting trip to his cabin in Idaho. On unfounded warrants for tax evasion, and owning illegal weapons the FBI surrounded his cabin, shot Randy Weaver in the arm, killed his wife, and son. The feds shot first, making the entire thing self-defense.

    There is a lot of news about the Weaver family I will settle right now. When the family moved, they were invited into a NSM compound, they did not join the group because of racial ideologies. Randy and Helen were not racist. Once Randy was able to find employment, he purchased a property where he set up a bison refuge allowing Native Americans to hunt the bison and selling the parts for profit. When Randy joined the freemen movement it was because our group had included people of other races. We went out shooting, and learning weapons with people of all race.

    It is important to note that Randy was approached by the ATF, and FBI in order to be an informant for the government. He refused. He was then tricked into modifying weapons by an ATF agent in order to experiment with them. He was entrapped by the agent that got him charged with gun charges. This was the reason he left Montana to Idaho. At the scene, their dog alerted the family who quickly armed themselves. Randy blasted out mayday messages through the citizen band, and the FBI entirely unwarranted opened fire. We arrived to a roadblock, outnumbered and outgunned. Randy asked us to stand down.

    After this event Waco happened. We reorganized, and went underground. Most of us moved off the grid. The bonus was that we were able to reconnect through a new movement utilizing Yahoo chat. This new technology allowed us to keep more private and stay hidden. It also allowed us to train one another.

    Sometime during all this reconstruction and disbanding of the freemen groups, a handful of us activist types were peacefully contacted by the CIA. The agreement was to meet with other groups, have records sealed, and be paid to discuss politically motivated ideas. The twelve of us were collected and placed in a very nice resort. Our mission was to discuss a possible rise or civil war.

    All of us had had some military experience and all of us were against big government. There were members of a few militias and members of biker clubs. Politically we all identified differently, but as we hung out we all thought alike. It seems free imported beer and war stories break political barriers. The end result was a red team blue team selective strategy report.

    After this event, many of the members of that month long meeting connected through the freemen network in order to exchange information, and to discuss many of the ideas we came up with. With some work, the actual report was “found” and released to the people.

    Some of these groups on yahoo chat became quite large, and discussions of the report became vivid. The uniform for the up risers was discussed, and it was a group conscience that decided on Kaki’s, a t-shirt, mirror sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a Hawaiian shirt. If you are a movie fan this idea came from the scene in twelve monkeys when James Cole actively stands up to stop the virus and is gunned down. There are simple aspects to why this was agreed on, and it goes to what we saw in the Middle East.

    Use of the Hawaiian shirt was decided because in a crowd, we can identify one another. The colors can be seen through both urban and cosmopolitan settings, we can see the people who are on our side. The most effective form of revolt would be to enter, hit, and run. When we are on scene we do our job, and then discard the Hawaiian shirt, glasses, hat, and firearm blending into the crowd. It gives us a tactical advantage. We saw this in the Middle East as once the insurgents’ would hit, they would evacuate to arias where they could not be identified.

    The term Boogaloo came from actually an insult that was used. Being that we talk about ideas, plans to actually revolt, some people come up with bad ideas. Most of us tended to live in flyover country, and when Breaking came out it was our insight into city life and break dancing. It was a hit, then the corporations did a historically disgusting money grab sequel called breaking 2 the electric boogaloo. So when a person had a dumb idea, like marching on Washington, we would call that a boogaloo move. Boogaloo stood for a disgustingly stupid attempt at revolt.

    The rule of no racists came in time as the groups started fighting over racial identities. There came a time when they moved on, and Yahoo eventually shut all their chat down. We moved to Myspace, which broke us up further, and eventually to Youtube and Facebook.

    The groups became obscure independent entities that slowly started fading. Most of us saw the uprising in America as an event that is coming down the pikes. We see the writing on the wall, it is going to happen. The focus changed, and in a big way. We became the people, and movement, that is prepared to end a conflict quickly.

    So what has happened over the past 2 years has been amazing. A few of us have been so motivating that groups have spawned from the embers. An entire new movement has recaptured these old ideas and, whatever the purpose, have come into a mainstream exposed group. The movement went from exposing corruption, sharing memes, and being vocal to making the memes and moving ideas. Militia groups have actually started entirely independent of other militias bearing the Big Igloo as a flag! Once we were a small group of people that were members of qanon, organized militias, and anonymous, now we are our own independent group!

    Having spent more than twenty years of my life writing and being an activist for the preparation of American patriots to be willing to stand up against an oppressive government regime, I absolutely love the meme warfare that was created! We are Boogaloo, and we are now heard!