Dan G Rite

Hail Fuerer Biden! Hail Fuerer Biden! America has now become a fascist state! Embrace the merger of Corporation and our Government! The evil Orange Man, who has pranced around our elitist government like a bull in a china shop has been defeated! Our country has given up it’s right for a legal contested election to install our new dictator! The last congressman involved with the actual KKK is now our feckless leader!

With less than 6 days in the white house Fuerer Biden has already extended deployments in the middle east, ordered troops into an unstable country, and deployed new troops. As a nation we are marching into war, and our Fuerer Biden is pushing forward. If you don’t support this violence and hatred, you ain’t black.

Our Fuerer Biden has selected the most appropriate cabinet; lawyers for Epstein, Uber executives, Facebook executives, Goldman Sacks executives, Twitter and Youtube Executives, and a Monsanto Executive in charge of the FDA. Let us praise our Fuerer for assigning a foreign born director for homeland security. Hail our Fuerer Biden for selecting military contractors to run our military.

Hail our Fuerer Biden for saving China at the expense of the American people. He has merged our most corrupt corporations with our government and has saved the racist country of China. Our troops march in the Middle East, and we are moving quickly into another drawn out war. Our corporations will make millions, and they will be allowed more power to rule over us. The Meegers will die in concentration camps so we can have our Nike and Apple products.

What so many people refuse to realize is the reason behind many political movements. China has infiltrated our country since the seventies, and there are reasons why. First off China is the most in debt country in the world, they are in debt almost three times more then the combined debt of the rest of the world. US corporations have flocked there for cheap labor. This has severe repercussions for their investments in other countries. A country that allows for Chinese investment also accrues their debt.

This being said, lets look China’s farming situation. In America we have seasonal kill offs of insects and plants that return the nutrients to the soil. In China, the farming land does not have this seasonal kill off, contrarily they have a seasonal rain that strips nutrients from the soil. In order for China o grow their own food, they need large amounts of fertilizer. The cheapest material of which people can make fertilizer is oil.

Now, not all oil is good for fertilizer. American oil is purer than oils from the Middle East and Canada. There are very few chemicals that can be used, and China s having trouble getting those chemicals. The shutting down of the Keystone pipeline that brings Canadian oil into the US for processing from the Tar Sands fields is our Fuerer Biden’s plan to push up production of Middle Eastern oil.

So, why would our Fuerer Biden block the sales of Canadian oil, and push for Middle Eastern oil? This is a request that China has made. If China continues to purchase oil products from American and Canadian production they are essentially losing debt owed to them from those countries. Essentially an arrangement where they were paying for their products by canceling debts owed. The Middle East however will not sell oil to China for IOUs, they know China will never pay their debts.

So what does our Fuerer Biden have planned? Well, if the Middle East is at peace then they won’t trade oil for bullets and guns. For the last 40 years China has survived by trading their bullets and guns with other countries for resources they need. Oil has been a major resource, and now you know why we have been fighting in the Middle East since the 1970s. You also know why, under Fuerer Biden we are moving toward more and more war in the region.

If you ever wanted to know why China threw so much money into our political campaigns to get Trump removed.