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    As we deal with lockdowns, commodity shortages, isolation, tyrannical government orders, a rise in crime, and public fear many of us want to ask the question of what happened. I have my own suspicions and beliefs, but the focus of this blurb is just to lay out some facts that others are ignoring. I hope to put together an in depth chronological list of events so that you the reader can check the accusations against it.

    There are a bunch of sources that came out early on, many of them can be found with a little digging. The most important video you can find on the subject comes from a chinese journalist that he posted in late January, I attempted to find it for this write up but couldn’t, I hope he is safe.

July and August 2019. Notably Bill Maher and Jay Inslee stated a public opinion that in order to beat Trump the democrat party needed the economy to crash.

August 21 Jay Inslee announced he would drop out of the presidential race and the next day stated he would seek reelection for Governor of Washington state.

Early November Inslee announced he had plans for a trade mission to China.

Late November Inslee’s trade mission was put off, but he left the US with his delegation

December 4, 2019. This trip should have made national news as Inslee was most likely the highest ranking US official to visit Bejing on such a mission. From what was posted on the Washington State China Affairs website, Jay and state congress members from New York, California, and Oregon visited 4 Chinese cities in order to tour factories in the interest of foreign trade.

December 14, 2019 during the last leg of their tour, Inslee’s delegation toured a suspect lab. They visited the Wuhan Biological Laboratory which sits with in eye shot, and 2 blocks from the now famous wet market in Wuhan China. Why I call this suspect is that this facility is CCP owned, does not produce anything as it is a research facility, and would have nothing to do with trade with any other nation. The laboratory placed pictures of the Governor and his delegation on their site, proud of the visit.

December 15, 2019 Shi Zhengli posted an article on the Wuhan Biological Laboratory website sequencing the genome of a potential corona virus. It is key to note that the discovery, isolation, and genetic sequencing of a new virus do not happen in one days’ time. This virus had to of been researched and discovered prior to the delegation’s visit. Shi’s write up most likely was not posted until they had left the country.

December 15, 2019 the first case of COVID-19 was traced to the Wuhan Wet Market. Shi Zhengli’s assistant at Wuhan Biological Laboratory disappeared.

December 20, 2019 first confirmed case in Wuhan is identified. City starts its lockdown and mask mandates. Mysterious images start to trickle in from China on the underground.

December 22, China starts its cover-up, all mentions of Inslee’s visit, Covid, and the missing assistant are removed from all servers. A Chinese doctor gets his first message out. The US fails to pass a bill that would move monies to local CDC offices to prepare for the possibility of a pandemic.

December 31, China alerts WHO to their cluster of viral cases.

January 3, 2020 Trump posts a strange message, “What are the rumors coming from China?” over the next few days he is accused of sending spies to China.

January 4 WHO discloses the pneumonia cases but reports no deaths from Wuhan on social media.

January 5, WHO publishes its first document about the outbreak, explaining the details China released. Trump makes contact with more than 50 doctors and researchers to see what ever can be learned about the rumored disease in China.

January 8, Trump requests of governors to vet travelers from China and Italy by making incoming passengers agree to quarantine until the new virus is understood. Jay Inslee is the first governor to refuse, New York, and California also refuse.

January 12 China releases the virus genetic sequence of COVID-19, by openly placing the documents from Wuhan Biological onto the Wuhan Virology website.

January 15, the first suspected US case is confirmed as a Chinese American businessman in Seattle Washington. Inslee insists that the man had no contact with anyone in the community and the community is safe. He insists that all public transit, and travel to China is safe for citizens.

January 16, CDC releases a briefing to start screening passengers from or connecting through Wuhan.

January 21, the first known official case in Washington state is officially confirmed. Jay Inslee the governor insists that this is just a flu, and the people are safe. A CDC doctor’s report is released confirming how benighn the illness is as compaired to a flu.

January 22 WHO discloses evidence of human to human transmission.

January 23 Wuhan goes into complete lockdown.

January 28, a Harvard professor and two Chinese nationalist were arrested smuggling US biological research to China.

January 29 of the fifty original professionals Trump had contacted Trump uses 12 and sets up the Corona Virus Task Force.

January 31 Trump blocks all travel from China.

February 2, global air travel is restricted.

February 6 New York City’s Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot stated the virus might be in new york but claimed the transfer from person to person was rare reassuring that New Yorkers would barely be affected. She claimed you could only catch it from someone in your household.

February 7 Wuhan Dr. Li Wenliang the Chinese doctor that exposed the virus died of the virus.

February 9 New York Councilman Mark Levine head of the city health council suggested that everything was fine and for his constituents to join him at the lunar new year parade.

February 3 U.S. declares public health emergency.

Febuary 20 at least 5 people from China that attempted to whistleblower are confirmed dead or arrested.

February 24, Nanci Pelosi begs people to hop on a plane and visit Down Town San Francisco, and later does her now famous field trip of China Town telling everyone it’s safe to visit.

February 26 first US case that had not traveled to a hot spot is confirmed in California.

February 28, Washington Post writer Dana Milbank makes the headlines by falsely claiming Trump claimed the virus was a hoax. When fact checked Trump’s actual quote was, “my doing nothing (referring to the virus) will be the next big democrat hoax.”

February 29 FDA allows additional labs to test for the virus.

March 2 New York has first case reported, state health commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker releases that New Yorkers have nothing to fear, keep riding subways, this isn’t going to affect day to day life. New York City’s Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot claims it can’t be contracted by casual contact. Stating, “ride the bus, take the subway, see your neighbors”

March 4 California governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency

March 5 Ruters published a piece advising students to avoid interaction with students from another university that had a confirmed case.

March 12 the entire state of Ohio goes into lockdown

March 16 the city of San Franscisco go into lock down.

March 17 New York City’s Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot

March 20 Washington State releases plans to prioritize hospital beds for Corona Virus suffers most likely to survive by setting down guidelines of preexisting conditions, including age, that will be refused care.

March 22 New York goes into lockdown.

March 24 Washington state goes into lockdown. Bans fishing, hiking, and camping.

March 26 Washington State had 147 dead, 3,207. New York had 519 death and 44,635 cases. Jay Inslee sets up a “turn in your neighbor app”

March 31 Washington State passes Bill Gates written facial recognition law which allows with other things the use of the software on traffic cams.

April 9 Pentagon claims COVID report cited by ABC does not exist

April 21 Washington State offers no-barrier cash assistance to illegals

May 8 Contact Tracer teams are deployed throughout Washington State.

    Now that I have laid down the researchable timeline, I will ask you to watch the following video and ask yourself this, “Is it possible that this pandemic was created by the ruling elite as a death throw to stay in power?”

Video 1, the Corona Virus Origin

Epoche Times Video on Corona Virus Origin

A Last Thought